For Vendor Payments

When buying supplies in advance for the ministry you will frequently need to fill out a vendor payment request. This is most frequently done when purchasing large items or paying in advance for mission trip expenses (e.g. paying the hosting agencies for their services).


Filling out a Vendor Payment Request.

Steps for a Vendor Payment request  (Make sure you turn the form in to the ministry director at least 3-4 weeks in advance of payment deadline to assure that you have enough time for processing and mailing the payment).

  • Make sure the vendor gives you an itemized invoice for the service or equipment.

  • Fill out the Vendor Payment Request Form (see the link below).

  1. At the top of the form, check the box for Vendor Payment.

  2. For the Name and Address fields, fill in the information for the Vendor who will be paid.

  3. For the Check Distribution section,  check ‘mail to above address’ unless you are planning on elivering the check yourself.

  4. For the W-9 On File section, check ‘On file’ if it is a vendor we have used before or the vendor is incorporated. check ‘attached’ if it is a new, unincorporated vendor (or person) and attach a W-9 to the form. Click here for the w-9 form.

  5. For the Notes for Special instructions section, leave blank unless you have special instructions.

  6. For the DATE section, put the date of the payment deadline

  7. For the VENDOR PAID section, put the name of the Vendor

  8. For the BUSINESS PURPOSE section, give a short explanation of the purpose of the purchase

  9. For the ACCOUNT NUMBER section, use the account number for that particular event, budget, or mission trip.

  10. For the PROJECT CODE section, check with Ministry Director.

  11. For the AMOUNT section, put the total amount requested for the purchase (make sure it matches your invoice)



For more information check out the Denton Bible Administration Site.