For creating Website Announcements

1. On the DBCU dashboard, scroll down till you see the Revolution Slider tab on the left hand side of the page. Click on the Revolution Slider.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 20.53


2. Click on Edit Slides button.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 20.53


3. Click on the New Slide Button below the slides.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 20.57


4. Then select the Photo you would like to have as your background. See creating announcements for Mars Hill for tips.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 19.25


5. Then click on edit slide.


Screenshot 2014-07-08 20.57


6. From here you can edit the properties of the slide, add layers to the slide, and change when the layers appear in the slide. You will need to enable link and copy the url for your webpage into the proper spot. This will allow the users of the website to navigate to the correct website when they click on the slide.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 21.05



7. Once you are completely done, click the update slide button at the bottom.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 21.10


8. Now your announcement is ready to go!

Screenshot 2014-07-08 21.12.40