For Cash Advances

Cash Advances are used predominantly by the ministry and the church to fund mission trips. Once cashed, the money can be used to pay for certain team expenses (food, gasoline, housing, etc.). You must keep careful track of the money, have itemized receipts, and fill out a cash advance reconciliation form for all expenditures. Everyone who applies for a cash advance must go through the mission trip money training offered by the Denton Bible Church Administration. 


Filling out a Cash Advance

Steps for a cash advance (make sure you turn it in at least 2 weeks in advance to assure that the administration has time to process the request)


  • First create a budget for the trip. Here is an example of a mission trip budget. Here is an example of a budget.

  •  Next fill out the Cash Advance Request Form (see the link below).

  •  At the top of the form, check the box for Cash Advance

  •  For the Name and Address fields, fill in the information for the team leader who will be responsible for the money on the trip.

  •  For the Check Distribution section,  check ‘Put in Mailroom Mailbox

  •  For the W-9 On File section, check ‘Not Applicable

  •  For the Notes for Special instructions section, explain what trip the money will be for and give a detailed explanation, including dollar amount, of where the money will be going (food, housing, gas)

  •  For the DATE section, put the dates of the trip (e.g. March 9-15, 2014)

  •  For the VENDOR PAID section, put the name of the leader who the check will be made out to.

  •  For the BUSINESS PURPOSE section, tell which mission trip the money is for

  •  For the ACCOUNT NUMBER section, use the account number for that particular trip (ask ministry director for the number)

  •  For the PROJECT CODE section, leave blank.

  •  For the AMOUNT section, put the total amount requested for the cash advance (make sure it matches your budget)

  •  Staple your budget to the request and turn in both to the ministry director.

  • Click here for the Cash Advance Request Form


Filling out a Cash Advance Reconciliation Form

While on the trip, you must keep careful track of all expenditures, have itemized receipts, and keep close track of the money. As the team leader, you are responsible for all money not accounted for. So be good stewards of the church’s money! Here are some helpful hints in keeping track of the money.

  • Keep all receipts in chronological order. One of the most used methods is to have a ziploc bag for each day to help keep the receipts together.

  • All receipts must be itemized (credit card receipts are not accepted)

  • All receipts must show four things: Where the money is spent (name of business), What the money was spent on (itemized receipt), Who the money was spent on (e.g. 5 team members), When the money was spent (date), Why the money was spent (e.g. dinner).

  • Number all receipts in chronological order and copy the information from the receipt onto the reconciliation form.

  • Staple your bags of receipts to the completed reconciliation form and turn in the form to the main Denton Bible Church office within one week of returning from the trip.

  •  Click here for the Cash Advance Reconciliation Form

  • Click here for the Cash Advance Training Guide

  • Click here for the Cash Advance Training Power Point


For more information check out the Denton Bible Administration Site.