Freshman Orientations


Here at The U we have a culture of inviting people into who we are and what we are doing. But to invite people in we have to go out. Jesus sent his men out two by two, to go out and reach people. We believe that Freshmen Organization Fair is our first step to inviting a freshmen who is brand new on campus. We want all types of people to be apart of The U, which includes inviting freshmen from a churched background, unchurched, white, black, Spanish and so on. We want them to know that we, The U are here for them.

What to Wear

Remember it is summer so wear something comfortable and appropriate, and if you have a DBCU shirt, remember to bring it!

When and Where

We always meet at the Mill to carpool over to the Freshmen Orientations, but the time of the event varies from week to week. Sign up below and let us know your availability!

Word of Encouragement

Have fun meeting new people… you never know what God is doing through you to impact His kingdom!