Welcome to the Austria 2017 Blog

Welcome to the Austria 2017 Blog

This is a place where U can stay up to date on all things Austria 2017! We want you to know how you can be praying for our team. We want to share pictures from our adventures. We want to share stories and laughs from the trip. This is the place to stay up to date with the #UinAustria17 team!

We are so excited that TWO WEEKS from today we will be getting ready to board a flight to Vienna, Austria. We wanted to share with you a few things you can be praying for for the team!

  • travel safety (We have a long flight overseas, and some connections to make. Please pray for smooth transitions in the airports, safe flights, and flexibility inside the team.)
  • health for the team (Please pray that for our health leading up to the trip, for rest and readiness. Also, that we would stay healthy and 100% throughout the trip, even on those long camp days!)
  • team unity (We have a really awesome group of students this year, and we are so excited about how the Lord is going to use us in Austria! Please pray that we would be great friends by the end, that we would have patience and grace with each other, and that we would let Christ’s love be our example as we work to serve each other.)


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