Get to know “The U’s own Princeton and download his most recent mixtape, “Excuse the Explicitness.”


You trusted Christ during a rap concert while you were in high school, isn’t that right?


“Yessir. When I was 16 years old…a junior in High School. It was the first Christian hip hop concert I went to.  I saw people who looked like me and dressed like me but were excited about Jesus!  The truth of the gospel hit me in a different way and I saw my need for Christ as my LORD and Savior.”


Why do you think rap has become such a powerful, cross-cultural medium for proclaiming the gospel?


“I think hip hop has influenced our culture to the tee.  Not just music-wise, but to the point of a way one talks or dresses.  It’s the most popular genre.  When fusing the gospel with it, one can pack in so much about God and the Scriptures because hip hop allows you to express so much in one bar or verse.”

“So there’s a lot in hip hop that isn’t evil in and of itself.  You see cats still dressing of that culture, but their hearts have been changed by God.  What they spit flows from their hearts.  And by God’s grace he uses it and blesses it.”


What artists — secular or Christian — have influenced your sound the most?


“Lil Wayne, Lecrae, Drake, DMX, 2Pac, Tedashii, and Trip Lee.  All of these rappers have influenced my style on the beat selection I may choose, style of flow, passion and attitude, and content.  It’s good though because I can take from each artist and add my own artistry.


Talking specifically about your mixtape, what is the primary message behind “Excuse the Explicitness?”


“Really, just that the gospel is explicitly and offensive in and of itself, but I’m going to stay faithful to it and give it out of love and truth to believers and non-believers alike because we all need it.”


You can download Princeton’s mixtape, “Excuse the Explicitness” by clicking on the album cover below.