What If…

What If…

There is a growing consensus among university pastors that we have inherited a model of ministry that is simply no longer (if it was ever) effective in reaching the 80% of students on campuses that are unchurched and don’t know Jesus.  I’ve hesitated to write this post for a few days now because of the implications that it might have on the future of our university ministry.  But I can’t NOT write it.  My heart is full of “what if’s?”



  • What if…we tried to reach a LARGE CAMPUS instead of building a large group (thank you, Steve Lutz)?

  • What if…we drank coffee and fellowshipped at CAMPUS coffee shops instead of CHRISTIAN ones?

  • What if…we stopped using 80% of our resources to attract the 20% on campus that already know Jesus, while continuing to think that somehow we will reach the 80% that don’t?

  • What if…we stopped INVITING students to santized, Jesus-versions of events and activities that already exist of campus, and WENT to those events instead?

  • What if…we unleashed our most adventurous and entrepreneurial leaders and evangelists onto campus instead of domesticating them as Bible study leaders?

  • What if…we stopped COMPETING with other ministry (both inside AND outside of our local church) for the 20% who already know Jesus and COLLABORATED with one another to reach the 80% who don’t?

  • What if…we freed up more leaders to occupy strategic positions in on-campus leadership?

  • What if…we began partnering with the campus to promote God’s common grace wherever it is found restraining sin through causes and promoting beauty through the arts? 

  • What if…we spent more time developing campus leadership and less time pulling off big “attractional” events?


I want to invite you to dream with me.  Do you have a “What if…?”  Say so in a comment below.